Chris and Susie's Home Page

Our Wedding: 
Susie and I were married on May 24, 1997 in Susie's hometown of Marietta, Ohio. Our wedding was held in Muskingham Park gazebo, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Two days later, we began...

Our Honeymoon
A fabulous journey beginning in Seattle, WA and ending in San Francisco, CA.

Our Family
Here are some shots of our family and ourselves.

Susie's relatives sent us this postcard when they visted Graceland. Here is another postcard from Susie's relatives.

I recently setup a separate web site, just because I could.

Our Friends
Casey and Cheryl DeGroot are a couple of our old friends who are currently taking a around the world trip. As they travel, they are recording their travel notes on their web site.

Our House
Here is a map to our new house.

Other Stuff
Here is my preferred new gpg public key.
Here is a link to my old pgp public key.
Several years ago, I wrote a paper titled Security and the Internet: The History and Uses of PGP.
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