Grandparents visit and starting to eat solids (7/3/2003)
Angie's baby shower at Ada's house (7/24/2003)
Pictures of Emma and others -- trip to Marietta (8/23/2003)
Many pictures of Emma eating (9/14/2003)
Pictures of Caley, Mike, Angie and Dora (taken by Angie) (10/18/2003)
Heather's shower and Emma playing & eating (10/26/2003)
At home and Thanksgiving visit (12/05/2003)
Visit to Marietta for Christmas 2003 (1/18/2004)
Visit to Louisville for Christmas 2003 (1/18/2004)
Visit to Florida to help with move (1/18/2004)
Don and Florence visit Bloomington on Don's birthday (1/18/2004)
Emma learns to crawl (2/24/2004)
Visit to Florida during spring break 2004 (3/19/2004)
Pictures from Easter and with Emma and Caley (5/03/2004)
May 2004 - Mothers Day, Cicadas and Fun in the tub (6/15/2004)
June and July 2004 - Visit to Marietta, Family Reunion, Swimming lesson (7/14/2004)
August 2004 - Fallen tree branch, Repainting Living Room, Caley's First Birthday (8/31/2004)
September and October 2004 - Visiting Friends, Raking Leaves, Halloween (11/2/2004)
November and December 2004 - Mitch's birthday, Thanksgiving, Getting ready for Christmas (12/13/2004)

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